Iconsign Lash Lift, Eyelash Perming Kit
Iconsign Lash Lift, Eyelash Perming Kit
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Iconsign Lash Lift, Eyelash Perming Kit



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Make Your Eyes Pop

LIFT those lashes and bring out those bold beautiful eyes of yours. Are you tired of coating your lashes in gooey, clumpy mascara that smudges by noon? Maybe you’ve tried getting eyelash implants that are all the rage, but they’re costly and potentially dangerous. No thanks!

Look, getting those long beautiful eyelashes doesn’t have to be a painful, expensive, frustrating, or time-consuming process. You’re about to discover something that may surprise you: You already have incredible eyelashes; they’re just hiding out. We’re going to help you bring them into view––naturally, safely, and easily.

So, ditch the clump causer, and give up that too-frequent appointment to your esthetician. We’re going to show you how to perk up your natural lashes and keep them lifted not just for a day, but for two months! That means you’ll have those incredible eyes that pop as soon as you wake up, all day long, and as you go to sleep. No smudges, irritation, or washing required. And the best part? They’re YOURS.

Iconsign Lash Lift, Eyelash Perming Kit

Bring Your Natural Lashes To Life

Get INCREDIBLE lashes in minutes with the lash lift kit! This safe and painless Lash Lift Kit is an innovative new way to perm your natural eyelashes and keep them looking curly and fantastic for up to 8 weeks. The Iconsign Lash Lift Eyelash Perming Kit is a 3-step process that perms, neutralizes, and conditions your natural eyelashes. Everyone will wonder how you got so lucky to have such long, gorgeous lashes.

The eyelash lift process is easy and produces stunning results. Imagine never needing to curl your natural eyelashes again! And it’s super gentle on your eyes. There’s no stinging, burning, or pain involved. Just a few minutes of your time every eight weeks to get the curly lashes so many women wish for.

The lift lasts eight weeks, and you can use this kit 15 times before needed a new one. That means you’ll have long, beautiful lashes for TWO YEARS! There’s simply no comparative product or process available on the market and nothing beats our standard of quality.

Lash Lift Eyelash Kit is the best way to get incredible, long eyelashes to frame and enhance your eyes. And because you won’t have to wash off that mascara every night, you’ll be saving the tender skin around your eyes from being stretched and pulled, which can lead to premature aging and under-eye sacs that never go away–yikes! Start your anti-aging, skin saver regimen now!

Effect: After Perming, Care Your Lashes with Eyelash Coating, It Can Lift for 2 to 3 Months!


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